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Paula Bresnan Gibson, Esq.

Paula Bresnan Gibson created the Gibson Mediation Group, LLC, because, as an attorney, she experienced the contentious and expensive nature of legal disputes. She realized that there are better ways of resolving differences than going to court. By spending time trying to facilitate agreements, rather than months or years in litigation, Paula enables those seeking divorce to find workable solutions that save them time and money by getting the parties to talk.

Paula uses her legal experience and conflict resolution skills to guide couples and families through the difficult conversations they must have to reach agreements.

We help create a supportive environment for your conversations so that the discussions are respectful, and the results are fair, making it a win for both sides.

Are you ready to resolve your differences and make a plan for your family? Please contact us to set up a time to learn more about divorce and eldercare mediation with the Gibson Mediation Group can help you.

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“Paula was tremendously helpful guiding us through a complex family matter. She made all sides feel heard and her calming presence was our compass during difficult times. She ultimately helped us come to an agreement where everyone benefitted.”

~ Jennifer C., Connecticut
“Paula brings the total package as a mediator to family matters. As a foundation, she’s got the legal chops. But it’s her people skills that make her so successful. She’s very attuned to parties’ sensitivities and is a great listener. She has great skills to allow her and the parties mediating before her navigate challenging, seemingly intractable issues. She knows when to push and when to take a step back. She’s patient and caring. Her heart is very much in the job of finding solutions parties can live with.”
~ Thomas M., Washington, DC
“Paula helped us navigate a difficult dispute, which could have wound us up in court had she not got involved. She saved us thousands of dollars.”

~ Brendan B., Maryland

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